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Open Heart - Elie Wiesel Is it some sort of blasphemy to give Elie Wiesel two stars? It just seemed like he didn't really have much to say, but he wrote a book anyway at a time when most of us would have stuck with a few diary entries.

His thoughts on mortality were not particularly profound. They seemed like the same thoughts most people would have. You're on one side of the fence or the other: "I have so much left to do," or, "I'm ready to go." He didn't seem to take a strong stance for or against anything with regard to religion. A moderate stance is an uninteresting one.

People have surgery all the time. It is a big deal to the patient and the close friends and family of the patient, but that's it. Elie Wiesel being famous doesn't make his surgery more interesting than others. His being well-off and well-insured actually makes it less interesting. This seemed like a literary version of US Weekly. It would be interesting to people who think the boring parts of the lives of famous people are somehow less boring than the boring parts of the lives of the rest of us.