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Who Fears Death - Nnedi Okorafor Set in post-apocalyptic Africa, there were things about this fantasy that made me cringe, like rape, 11-year-old girls getting circumcised, discrimination and hate in general. On the bright side (Yes, there is one!), I found that having characters that have really suffered gave me more to care about and root for.

Take this character, "I am a child conceived due to rape, I am feared and hated because of my skin color/hair/eyes, my biological father wants to kill me, and I opted into circumcision when I was 11 to save my mother more shame. I have discovered I have magical powers." (Really? Awesome! Go kick some ass!)

and compare it to "I live in the city near my boyfriend and I have a steady, dependable job. I am moderate in personality, and I'm pretty, but I don't spend too much time on clothes and make-up. I have discovered I have magical powers." (Oh, really? Huh. Must be nice, I guess. Whatever.)

Before this book, Okorafor wrote YA novels, and I think it shows in the simple vocabulary and sentences. That makes it a fast read, but it wasn't quite the prose I was hoping for.